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Mark Twain is one of the world's most beloved authors. His classic tales of Tom Sawyer and his good friend Huckleberry Finn have delighted readers for generations. .In this story, Tom is not satisfied with his life on the Mississippi River and begins to seek out a new adventure. He decides to embark on a crusade to "recover the Holy Land from the paynim." Tom, Huck and their friend Jim ride a hot air balloon over the oceans to far away lands. As the balloon reaches Africa "Tom Sawyer, Erronot" (aeronaut) and his friends meet up with lions, caravans and dervishes. They see the pyramids of Egypt and eventually end up on Mt Sinai before returning home to the waiting arms of Aunt Polly. .Handsomely illustrated, Tom Sawyer Abroad is another Mark Twain classic and treasure.
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