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"Dr. Rosemary Lee Potter is one of the miracles God has allowed me to witness. Throughout my pastoral ministry, I've become convicted that the greatest miracle of life is not eyes seeing again, legs walking again, even marvels in medical science, glorious to behold. The greatest miracle is a changed mind and heart, the result of connecting with the presence, power, and person of God. Rosemary Potter has claimed this miracle! Reading The Stubborn Ear will tell how it happened and provide you the key that alone opens the channel and connects with God. This book is a must-read for both believers and those who do not!"- Dr. Tom Farmer Jr., grateful former Pastor"Whereas our tongues lead us into trouble daily, our ears provide wisdom for a lifetime! Rosemary Potter's inspired work causes us to lean into the greatest of life's teachers: the voice of God. The Stubborn Ear is creative and witty, a simple work that will last a lifetime."- The Reverend Bob Martin, Senior Pastorof St. Paul UMC, Largo, Florida"I've read most of the writings by my friend and colleague of thirty years, Dr. Rosemary Potter. The Stubborn Ear was a delightful surprise, her most spiritual and personal book! I'd witnessed many of the 'listening' events described. This uplifting little book recalls her learning to stop, 'Be still,' to listen, hearing God's voice leading her to help others. It is a must-read for anyone struggling to discover God's wi...
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