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ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDERRobert's Rules of Order are a powerful set of rules for conducting and running meetings, that were first established over a century ago!The rules have been used by all different types of organisations, from small clubs all the way up to the United Nations. Robert's Rules have worked for them all! This book will provide you with a great level of insight into Robert's Rules of Order, and how you can implement them in your own workplace, business, or organisation for more efficient meetings, with better outcomes! This book also aims to provide strategies to help you to implement Robert's Rules in a modern environment. Due to the long period of time since their creation, we now often do business differently to how we did back then. As such, occasionally the rules the to be modified to fit a modern business setting - and this book gives some great suggestions for doing just that! Nobody likes slow, boring, monotonous meetings that drag on. Improve the efficiency, attitudes, and results of your meetings fast, by implementing the use of Robert's Rules of Order, today! Here Is What You'll Learn About... What Are Robert's Rules The Key Terms To Be Aware Of When Should The Rules Be Used How To Use The Rules In A Modern Setting The Benefits Of Using Robert's Rules How To Implement The Rules In Your Business How To Correctly Use Minutes In Your Meetings Much, Much More!
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