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Never Broken is, in part, a true life story of a man who spent much of his life searching for his purpose. It is a journey of ups and downs, loss, depression, anger, self-degradation, and ultimately, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment. It is a spiritual journey and a story of finding one’s purpose within God and receiving God’s love. Never Broken also serves as a guide to finding fulfillment within our creator and understanding the many tools and universal laws created by God for all of us to achieve our dreams. It is a playbook on how to understand and use these universal laws to discover that level playing field we all desire in life.You will discover:• The connection between life’s realities and expectations and the link to happiness• The eight human needs and how to use them to your advantage• Why we do what we do• How to change destructive beliefs• How to use perception and focus to your advantage• How to become the person God created you to be• How to use God’s law to create the life you desire and the life that serves God• The importance of true faith and perseverance• How to set meaningful goals and the consequences of not achieving them• The importance of a daily focus on God and not becoming Christians of convenienceNothing that has been created by man was created without first being a thought. You will learn how to use thought, focus, and prayer to guide you to the things you want in life. Once you master these God-given tools, you will be able to move forward and...
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