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The Ultimate Review And Critical Analysis Of The Music And Career Of Neil Young 1976-2006. Neil Young Under Review 1976 - 2006 is a documentary film reviewing the music and career of one of the finest songwriter and most significant artists of the rock age - during the second half of his career. Features Include: Musical performances of Neil Young, reviewed by a team of esteemed experts. Obscure footage, rare interviews and seldom seen photographs. Review, comment, criticism and insight from: John Einarson, author of the highly acclaimed biography, Neil Young: Don't Be Denied; respected American rock critic and ex-editor of Village Voice, Robert Christgau; British rock author and music journalist, Barney Hoskins; Uncut magazine's contributing editor, Nigel Williamson; ex-editor of BAM magazine and early champion of Neil Young, Dave Zimmer; CSNY biographer, Johnny Rogan; acclaimed music writer and historian, Clinton Heylin, and many others. Live and studio recordings of Neil Young classics reappraised by our panel of contributors.
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