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FOUR WEDDINGSA stunning 4 book Australian collection by Fiona LoweA WOMAN TO BELONG TODr Tom Bracken is working in the Far East to cleanse his heart by dedicating himself to his patients. When nurse Bec Monahan arrives on his doorstep, something about her beautiful violet eyes and the secrets they hide intrigues him. Gradually, Tom realises that Bec holds the key to his guarded heart. Might he have finally found a woman to belong to?A WEDDING IN WARRAGURRASingle father Dr Baden Tremont moved to the Outback to focus on raising his young daughter. But then he meets kind-hearted flight nurse Kate Lawson and knows that he’s got to make her his bride.THE SURGEON’S CHOSEN WIFEStruggling to adjust to life as a single mother, GP Sarah Rigby is intrigued by her new neighbour, guarded hot-shot surgeon Ryan Harrison. They’re thrown together to save lives, and the soaring temperatures of the Australian summer mirror the heat fizzing between them – until Ryan cannot deny his desire to be part of the family he’s grown to love…or his desire to make Sarah his bride…THE PLAYBOY DOCTOR’S MARRIAGE PROPOSALNurse Emily Tippett is not what doctor Linton Gregory needs. An expert at protecting his own heart, he prefers to date and move on. But Linton has seen the beauty Emily is trying to hide. He’s ready to go from playboy doctor to husband-to-be, but is Emily interested?
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