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Perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy' – CandisDebbie Macomber brings you home for Christmas!A Cedar Cove ChristmasMother-to-be Mary Jo Wyse arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, pregnant and alone. And there's no room at the local inn… However, the people in Cedar Cove are all willing to lend a hand. There’s more than enough faith, hope and love to go round this Christmas!Call Me Mrs MiracleEmily Merkle (call her Mrs Miracle! ) is working in the toy department at Finley’s – a store that needs a Christmas miracle to keep the business afloat. Fortunately, it’s Mrs. Miracle to the rescue. Next to making children happy, she likes nothing better than helping others – including just a bit of matchmaking!Make time for friends. Make time for Debbie Macomber.
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